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The results of experimental investigations on the removal of NOx from gases applying ozone as the oxidizing agent and the absorption of higher nitrogen oxides in the sodium hydroxide solutions are presented. The experiment was conducted using a pilot plant installation with the air flow rate 200 m3/h, being a prototype of a boiler flue gas duct and a FGD scrubber. It was shown that in the range of [NOref] = 50 ÷ 250 ppm the mechanism of NO ozonation depends on the molar ratio X = O3/NOref: for X ≤ 1.0 oxidation of NO to NO2 predominates and NO2 is poorly absorbed, for X >> 1.0 NO2 undergoes further oxidation to N2O5, which is efficiently absorbed in the scrubber. The stoichiometric molar ratio of complete conversion of NO into N2O5 is X = 1.5, in these studies to reach the effectiveness η ≥ 90% the molar ratio X was much higher (2.75).
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