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439L stainless steel composites blended with fifteen micron SiC particles were prepared by uniaxial pressing of raw powders at 100 MPa and conventional sintering at 1350oC for 2 h. Based on the results of X-ray diffraction analysis, dissolution of SiC particles were apparent. The 5 vol% SiC specimen demonstrated maximal densification (91.5%) among prepared specimens ­(0-10 vol% SiC); the relative density was higher than the specimens in the literature (80-84%) prepared by a similar process but at a higher forming pressure (700 MPa). The stress-strain curve and yield strength were also maximal at the 5 vol% of SiC, indicating that densification is the most important parameter determining the mechanical property. The added SiC particles in this study did not serve as the reinforcement phase for the 439L steel matrix but as a liquid-phase-sintering agent for facilitating densification, which eventually improved the mechanical property of the sintered product.
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