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The work presents the research results of the silumin coat structure applied on the carbidic alloy ductile iron with the metal matrix: pearlitic, bainitic and martensitic. The coats were made in the AlSi5 silumin bath at the temperature tk = 750±5°C. The holding time of cast iron element in the bath was τ = 180s. Irrespective of the kind of tested ductile iron the obtained coat consisted of three layers with a different phase composition. The first layer from the cast iron ground “g1`” is built from Fe4CSi carbide which contains selected alloy additives of the cast iron. On it the second layer “g1``” crystallizes. It consists of the AlFeSi inter-metallic phase which can appear in its pure form or contain a small quantity of the alloy additives of the cast iron. The last external part of the layer “g2” mainly consists of the hypo-eutectic phases of silumin. The AlFeSi inter-metallic phases in the form of free precipitations with a lamellar or faceted morphology can also appear there. These phases also can contain a small quantity of the alloy additives of the cast iron. More than that, in all the layers of the coat there are graphite precipitations. The phenomenon of graphite movement to the coat is caused by intensive dissolving of the cast iron element surface by the aluminum of the silumin bath.
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