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One of the methods to prevent unsuitable lubrication of moving components of devices and machinery is using bi-metal and three-metal bearings. Centrifugal casting process is one of the manufacturing methods that is used for such bearings. In this study, the purpose is microstructure evaluation of the bonding location and length determination of diffusion bond in structural steel-bronze. A mold made of structural steel with inner diameter of 240mm, length of 300mm and thickness of 10mm was coated by a 6mm film of bronze under centrifugal casting process. At first, a bronze ingot with dimension of 5mm×10mm×20mm is located inside of the hollow cylindrical mold and then the two ends of it will be sealed. During mold rotation with the rate of 800 rpm, two high power flames are used for heating the mold under Ar gas atmosphere to melt the bronze ingot at 1000˚C. After 15minutes, the system is cooled rapidly. Results showed that the diffusion bonding of bronze in structural steel to depth of 1.2µm from the bonding line was obtained. In this bonding, copper element was diffused to 50% of its initial concentration.
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