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The analysis of the autocorrelation function of a noise signal in a limited band of a microwave frequency range is described in the paper. On the basis of this analysis the static characteristic of the detector for object movement was found. The measurement results for the correlation function of noise signals are shown and the application of such solution in a noise radar for the precise determination of distance variations and the velocity of these changes is presented in the paper. The construction, working principle and measurement results for through-thewall noise radar demonstrator have been presented in the paper. A broadband noise signal in microwave S frequency band has been chosen, for high sensitivity getting. The broadband noise signal together with correlation receiver provides high sensitivity and moderate range for low transmitted power level. The experimental results obtained from 2.6-3.6 GHz noise-like waveform for the signal of a breathing human are presented. Conclusions and future plans for application of the presented detection technique in broadband noise radars conclude the paper
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