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A measurement system for 256-channel in vitro recordings of brain tissue electrophysiological activity is presented in the paper. The system consists of the brain tissue life support system, Microelectrode Array (MEA), conditioning Application Specific Integrated Circuits (ASIC’s) for signals conditioning, Digitizer and PC application for measurement data presentation and storage. The life support system keeps brain tissue samples in appropriately saturated artificial cerebrospinal fluid at a very stable temperature. The MEA consists of two hundred and fifty-six 40 μm diameter tip-shaped electrodes. The ASIC’s performs amplification and filtering of the 256-field and action potential signals. The Digitizer performs simultaneous data acquisition from 256 channels 14 kS/s sample rate and 12-bit resolution. The resulting byte stream is transmitted to the PC via USB (Universal Serial Bus). Preliminary tests confirm that the system is capable of keeping the extracted brain tissue active (hippocampal formation slices) and simultaneously to record action potentials, as well as local theta field potentials with very small amplitudes from multiple neurons
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