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The aim of this paper is to compare some geometric parameters and deflections of a sandwich meta-structure with its classic, three-layer counterpart. Both structures are composed of the same materials and have the same external dimensions and mass, but their middle layers (cores) are different. The core of the sandwich meta-structure is a new spatial structure itself, consisting of there-layer bars. The core of the classic sandwich structure is a layer of the continuum. To make the comparison more general and convincing, three geometrical parameters, i.e., ratio of interfacial contact (Ric), interlayer bonding factor (Ibf) and coefficient of impact sensitivity (Cis), were introduced and applied. Deflections of the structures, simply supported at the edges and loaded in the mid-span by a static force, have been measured and are presented in the paper. Potential advantages of the new meta-structure are briefly outlined.
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