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The aim of this article is to present the author’s opinion about possible underwater natural gas pipeline monitoring using Polish Navy resources. Due to the bathymetrical characteristics of the pipeline equatorials the high efficiency and safe for the deck operators systems are expected to support the bottom survey and gas line monitoring. Time and engaged resources reduction are crucial factors in this kind of mission together with high probability of possible dangerous objects detection. The paper describes main threats for the underwater transportation line as a state energetic independence vital object (supplies diversification). An example of a threat caused by lost unmanned platform technologies near Nord Stream was presented and analyzed as well. The rapid development of unmanned maritime technologies (aerial, surface and subsurface) observed in the last decade creates new possibilities in maritime security/surveillance applications. The Polish mine counter measures assets which were equipped with sophisticated AUV’s as a part of the Polish Navy modernization process (new minehunters Kormoran IInd class deployable). The presented autonomous underwater vehicles (AUV) are equipped with advanced sonars and create new possibilities in the issue of effective threats detection/classification/ identification and neutralization. The main advantages of such solutions were pointed in the article with the crucial one based on time reduction as well as human – deck operators threats constraints. The first successes in the operational use of unmanned systems were reached during the military exercises (historical ordnance disposal) conducted on historical mine laying areas. This creates good possibilities to train the unmanned system operators in live objects activity which improves skills and knowledge. Moreover, the double use applications of unmanned technologies both in defense and maritime security has been observed.
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