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Image processing techniques (band rationing, color composite, Principal Component Analyses) are widely used by many researchers to describe various mines and minerals. The primary aim of this study is to use remote sensing data to identify iron deposits and gossans located in Kaman, Kırşehir region in the central part of Anatolia, Turkey. Capability of image processing techniques is proved to be highly useful to detect iron and gossan zones. Landsat ETM+ was used to create remote sensing images with the purpose of enhancing iron and gossan detection by applying ArcMap image processing techniques. The methods used for mapping iron and gossan area are 3/1 band rationing, 3/5 : 1/3 : 5/7 color composite, third PC and PC4 : PC3 : PC2 as RG B which obtained result from Standard Principal Component Analysis and third PC which obtained result from Developed Selected Principal Component Analyses (Crosta Technique), respectively. Iron-rich or gossan zones were mapped through classification technique applied to obtained images. Iron and gossan content maps were designed as final products. These data were confirmed by field observations. It was observed that iron rich and gossan zones could be detected through remote sensing techniques to a great extent. This study shows that remote sensing techniques offer significant advantages to detect iron rich and gossan zones. It is necessary to confirm the iron deposites and gossan zones that have been detected for the time being through field observations.
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