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Zinc is present in electric arc furnace dust (EAFD) mainly in two basic minerals, namely as franklinite ZnFe2O4 and/or zincite ZnO. While zincite is relatively reactive and easily treatable, franklinite is considerably refractory, which causes problems during EAFD processing. In this work EAFD containing 18.53% Zn was leached in water solution of ammonium carbonate. This leaching solution selectively leaches zincite, while franklinite is refractory and stable against leaching in this case. The temperature dependence of zinc leaching from EAFD was studied and the activation energy EA was determined by two methods: 1.) classically based on zinc chemical analyses from the leaching solution and 2.) by using of X-Ray diffraction qualitative phase analyses of leaching residues. The determined values of activation energies 37.41 and 38.55 kJmol–1 match perfectly, which show the excellent possibility of using X-Ray diffraction toward the study of leaching kinetics at properly chosen experimental conditions. The important result is the determination of the amount zincite and franklinite in EAFD, which is not possible by using of classical chemical methods.
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