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Using methods of physical material studies (scanning electron microscopy and micro X-ray spectral analysis), a study was carried out with focus on alteration of structure and phase composition in surface layers of Al-Si alloy (silumin АК10М2N) treated in electroexplosive alloying with a multiphase plasma jet formed in the process of aluminum foil explosion and carrying particles of Y2O3 weighted powder portion. It was revealed that a porous surface layer with non-homogeneously distributed alloying elements (silicon, yttrium) in it is formed in any conditions of electroexplosive alloying of silumin. Thickness of the modified layer is different, varying 50 to 160 µm, depending on the zone to be examined. The modified surface consists basically of Al, Si and Y. Yttrium in the modified layer is thought to be an indirect evidence of better physical and mechanical properties of the surface layer in comparison with the base material.
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