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The article presents the results of tests of the application of magnetic fuel activators, which improve the efficiency of metallurgical furnaces and positively affect the ecological aspects of their work. Energy indicators for metallurgical furnaces during operation before and after installation of magnetic fuel activators as well as the results of composition and concentration of emitted pollutants are included in the paper. The magnetic activation of liquid and gaseous fuels modifies their structure. As a result of the activation, the fuel mixture is selectively saturated with oxygen in the zone of free fuel flow. The combustion conditions were close to optimal, which is confirmed by the reduction of pollutants in the exhaust gases. Fuel saving in the combustion process is also a measurable economic effect. The tests included ovens of several types: pusher furnace, one and two chamber furnaces and a furnace with a rotary shaft. Several-month measurement cycles were carried out on each of them. The experiments consisted in the analysis of gas and heat consumption per month in individual furnaces before and after the use of magnetic fuel activators. The effectiveness of using activators was determined on the basis of the results of the tests carried out. As a result of a twelve-month test cycle on the pusher type furnace, a 36% reduction in gas consumption and a 22% reduction in heat consumption were achieved. After a seventeen-month measurement cycle on chamber furnaces, a 35% reduction in gas consumption and 6% in heat consumption were achieved. The tests on furnaces with a rotary shaft lasted fourteen months and showed a reduction in gas consumption by 8%. An improvement in the composition of fumes in the furnace atmosphere was achieved in all units with magnetic activators installed, as well as a reduction in the emission of harmful pollutants into the atmosphere from the installation.
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