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The excellent property combination of thin wall ductile iron castings (TWDI), including thin wall alloyed cast iron (e.g. austenitic TWDI) has opened new horizons for cast iron to replace steel castings and forgings in many engineering applications with considerable cost benefits. TWDI is considered as a potential material for the preparation of light castings with good mechanical and utility properties, the cost of which is relatively low. In this study, unalloyed and high Ni-alloyed (25% Ni) spheroidal graphite cast iron, with an austenitic metallic matrix were investigated. The research was conducted for thin-walled iron castings with 2, 3 and 5mm wall thickness, using different mould temperature (20°C, and 160°C) to achieve various cooling rates. The metallographic examinations i.e. characteristic of graphite nodules, metallic matrix, and primary grains of austenite dendrites (in high-nickel NTWDI) and mechanical properties were investigated. The study shows that homogeneity of the casting structure of thin-walled castings varies when changing the wall thickness and mould temperature. Finally, mechanical properties of thin-walled ductile iron castings with ferritic-pearlitic and austenitic metallic matrix have been shown.
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