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The effect of plastic deformation process on the dissolution rate of biocompatible Mg alloys was investigated. Two biocompatible MgLi1Ca0,2Zn1 and MgLi1Ca1Zn1 alloys were selected for the study. The alloys were deformed on a 100T press at a temperature of 350°C by conventional extrusion and by the equal channel angular extrusion process (ECAE). The grain size analysis showed a high degree of the grain refinement from approximately 110 mm in the initial state to 2.8 mm after the 3rd pass of the ECAE process. Compared to as-cast state, the degree of strengthening has increased after plastic forming. The results of biodegradation tests have shown a significant increase in corrosion rate after both conventional extrusion and ECAE, although after subsequent ECAE passes, this rate was observed to slightly decrease in the MgLi1Ca1Zn1 alloy. Based on the results of macro- and microstructure examinations, the corrosion progress in samples after the extrusion process was described.
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