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The paper relates to the problem of adaptation of V-block methods to waviness measurements of cylindrical surfaces. It presents the fundamentals of V-block methods and the principle of their application. The V-block methods can be successfully used to measure the roundness and waviness deviations of large cylinders used in paper industry, shipping industry, or in metallurgy. The concept of adaptation of the V-block method to waviness measurements of cylindrical surfaces was verified using computer simulations and experimental work. The computer simulation was carried out in order to check whether the proposed mathematical model and V-block method parameters are correct. Based on the simulation results, a model of measuring device ROL-2 for V-block waviness measurements was developed. Next, experimental research was carried out consisting in evaluation of waviness deviation, initially using a standard non-reference measuring device, and then using the tested device based on the V-block method. Finally, accuracy of the V-block experimental method was calculated.
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