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The study reported in this paper was aimed at establishing the effect of values of parameters characterizing the process of superficial remelting of a nodular iron casting on the quantity of introduced heat, geometry of remeltings as well as parameter λ and hardness of cementite eutectic. The remelting process was carried out using GTAW method, at electric arc length of 3 mm in argon atmosphere, welding current intensities I = 50, 130, 210, and 300 A, and electric arc scanning speeds vs = 200, 400, and 800 mm/min. The measurements included estimation of the quantity of heat introduced to the casting in the electric arc-induced remelting process with the use of flow calorimeter. Widths and depths of remetlings were assessed with the use of metallographic method. As a result of fast solidification, cementite eutectic was obtained in remelted material in which, in the course of cooling down to ambient temperature, austenite was subject to partial transformation into martensite. To characterize the cementite eutectic, value of the structural parameter λ was assessed. Values of the parameter were similar for areas of occurrence of both fibrous and laminated eutectic. Remeltings were examined at half of their depths. Micro-hardness measurements were taken in the same areas. The established quantitative relationships may prove to be useful in practice for the purpose of predicting values of parameter λ and hardness of remeltings in studies aimed at improving resistance of cast-iron castings to abrasive wear.
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