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The rebuilding technologies are used to develop surface of ladle. Among many welding methods currently used to obtain surface layer without defects one of the most effective way of rebuilding is using metal arc welding. This additional material gives more possibilities to make expected quality of rebuild surface. Chemical composition, property and economic factors allow to use metal wire. Because of these reasons, solid wire gives opportunity to be wildly used as material to rebuild or repair the surface in different sectors of industry. The paper shows a few ways to rebuild the surface in the massive cast with the use of metal active gas welding for repair. The work presents studies of defect in the massive cast. It contains the pictures of microstructures and defects. The method of removing defects and the results of checking by visual and penetrant testing methods are shown. The paper describes the methodology of repair the ladle with metal active gas welding, preheating process and standards nondestructive testing method.
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