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This paper presents the results of measurements of liquid metal fluidity and linear shrinkage of nickel alloy IN-713C in vacuum induction melting furnace Balzers VSG-2. Because of limited volume of the furnace chamber special models for technological trials were designed and constructed to fit in the mould of dimensions 170x95x100mm. Two different designs of test models were proposed: horizontal round rods and modified spiral. Preliminary studies were carried out for alloys Al-Si. Horizontal round rods test was useful for evaluation of fluidity of hypoeutectic silumin, however in case of nickel superalloy the mould cavity was completely filled in each test because of high required pouring temperature. Positive results were obtained from the modified spiral test for all alloys used in the research. Relationship between the linear shrinkage for the test rod and a specific indicator of contraction defined on a spiral was observed.
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