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This study stacked a thin, dense BCuP-5 (Cu-Ag-P based filler metal) on a Cu-plate using the laser cladding (L.C) process to develop a method to manufacture Ag reducing multilayer clad electrical contact material with an Ag-M(O)/Ag/Cu/BCuP-5 structure. Then, the microstructure and macroscopic properties of the manufactured BCuP-5 coating layer were analyzed. The thickness of the manufactured coating layer was approximately 1.7 mm (maximum). Microstructural observation of the coating layer identified Cu, Ag and Cu-Ag-Cu3P ternary eutectic phases like those in the initial BcuP-5 powder. To evaluate the properties of the manufactured coating layer, hardness and adhesion strength tests were performed. The average hardness of the laser cladded coating layer was 183.2 Hv, which is 2.6 times greater than conventional brazed BcuP-5. The average pull-off strength measured using the stud pull test was 341.6 kg/cm2. Cross-sectional observation of the pulled-off material confirmed that the coating layer and substrate maintained a firm adhesion after pull-off. Thus, the actual adhesion strength of Cu/BcuP-5 was inferred to be greater than 341.6 kg/cm2. Based on the above findings, it was confirmed that it is possible to manufacture a sound Ag reducing multilayer clad electrical contact material using the laser cladding process.
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