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The results of castability and structures researches of two nickel base alloys - Ceranium CN and Magnum AN applied on casting of the crowns and dental bridges are presented. Studies were carried out on the alloys cast under the centrifugal force to the moulds made by the lost wax method using production line of ROKO. Having regard to a specific technology of casting and possibility of ROKO production line, to the estimation of alloys castability a spiral test was adjusted with a 0,8 mm and a 2,5 mm diameter of test casting. Measuriements executed on a 20 test castings allowed to establish, that castability of Magnum AN alloy was 65 % greater than castability of Ceranium NC alloy. The results of thermodynamics calculations of the equilibrium and nonequilibrium crystallization (Scheil model) of the investigated alloys are presented too. The characteristic temperatures of phase transformation and forecast phase composition of alloys for both kind of crystallization were calculated. It is established after structural supervisions, that the investigated alloys crystallize in dendryte form and in centrifugal casting conditions have cooling rate sensivity and inclination to texture structure forming in outmost layer of casting. Phase composition of alloys corresponds to the results of thermodynamics calculations of the nonequilibrium crystallization conditions.
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