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Usually, cellular networks are modeled by placing each tier (e.g macro, pico and relay nodes) deterministically on a grid. When calculating the metric performances such as coverage probability, these networks are idealized for not considering the interference. Overcoming such limitation by realistic models is much appreciated. This paper considered two- tier twohop cellular network, each tier is consisting of two-hop relay transmission, relay nodes are relaying the message to the users that are in the cell edge. In addition, the locations of the relays, base stations (BSs), and users nodes are modeled as a point process on the plane to study the two hop downlink performance. Then, we obtain a tractable model for the k-coverage probability for the heterogeneous network consisting of the two-tier network. Stochastic geometry and point process theory have deployed to investigate the proposed two-hop scheme. The obtained results demonstrate the effectiveness and analytical tractability to study the heterogeneous performance.
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