Exergetic sustainability indicators of a polymer electrolyte membrane fuel cell at variable operating conditions

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Archives of Thermodynamics




vol. 42


No 1


Xu, Bing : Nanjing Forestry University Coll Automobile & Traff Engn, Nanjing 210037, Jiangsu, China ; Chen, Yan : The 723th Institute, China Shipbuilding Industry Corporation, Yangzhou, 225001, China ; Ma, Zheshu : Nanjing Forestry University Coll Automobile & Traff Engn, Nanjing 210037, Jiangsu, China



PEM fuel cell ; Exergy balance ; Exergy analysis ; Exergetic sustainability indicators

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The Committee of Thermodynamics and Combustion of the Polish Academy of Sciences and The Institute of Fluid-Flow Machinery Polish Academy of Sciences


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DOI: 10.24425/ather.2021.136954


Archives of Thermodynamics; 2021; vol. 42; No 1; 183-204

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