Matching-Based Virtual Network Function Embedding for SDN-Enabled Power Distribution IoT

Journal title

International Journal of Electronics and Telecommunications




vol. 67


No 4


Li, Xiaoyue : State Grid Qingdao Power Supply Company, China ; Chen, Xiankai : State Grid Qingdao Power Supply Company, China ; Zhou, Chaoqun : State Grid Qingdao Power Supply Company, China ; Liang, Zilong : State Grid Qingdao Power Supply Company, China ; Liu, Shubo : State Grid Qingdao Power Supply Company, China ; Yu, Qiao : State Grid Qingdao Power Supply Company, China



power distribution internet of things ; software-defined networking ; virtual service orchestration ; virtual network function embedding ; priority-aware ; matching theory

Divisions of PAS

Nauki Techniczne




Polish Academy of Sciences Committee of Electronics and Telecommunications


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DOI: 10.24425/ijet.2021.137858